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Welcome to the Family! Hopefully you’re here because you’ve heard that Johnson City Family Chiropractic has a reputation for being different. We admit it; we are different—in a good way!

Our office is known for being a friendly, casual place where people come to get healthy. We focus on health care-real health care-for everyone in the family from babies to grandparents. We emphasize prevention and wellness so each person can reach their greatest potential in health and in life! Chiropractic care allows your body to heal and function the way it was designed to, naturally.

Education is extremely important here. We believe the better our practice members understand their own body, the greater results they will experience.

Our staff is kind and considerate, and we are committed to serving our practice members with the highest quality chiropractic care available anywhere.

Hope to see you soon!

To schedule your appointment with our staff, contact our office now at (607)798-0356.

To meet all of your chiropractic needs, we provide the following services:

​More than 20 Years of Experience

As a ten-time winner of the Best in Chiropractic Care award from the Press and Sun Bulletin’s Readers’ Choice Awards, we know what it takes to provide the highest quality of care to our practice members. Our primary chiropractor, Dr. Keith Cooper, and his team are dedicated to finding wellness options for you and your family.

We do our best to provide you and your family with great care that is why:

  • We are a family practice that extends our family-first attitude to our practice members
  • Our office is a family friendly environment where everyone will feel at home
  • We focus on overall family health.
  • We provide family focused care, meeting each family’s unique needs
  • Our treatments combine years of experience and continuing education
  • We place a large emphasis on prevention and overall wellness

If you are having health challenges, don’t hesitate any longer and give us a call at (607) 798-0356.

Dedicated to Wellness

  • Family Practice
  • Friendly Environment
  • Focus on Overall Health
  • Practice Member Focused Care & Education
  • Emphasis on Wellness & Prevention