New name, same great family!

In 2014, Dr. Keith Cooper purchased this practice from Dr. David Martin and renamed it Johnson City Family Chiropractic. Dr. Keith has been serving as the primary chiropractor here since 2011, and he’s honored to be a part of the family!

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Dr. Keith Cooper

Keith Cooper, Doctor of Chiropractic in Johnson City, NY

Dr. Keith did undergraduate work at Coastal Carolina University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte before earning his doctorate at Sherman College of Chiropractic. After graduating in 1998, Dr. Keith opened a private practice, then moved to upstate NY to work within a chiropractic group. He liked helping people get out of pain but he wanted to do more to really help people get and stay healthy. In 2012 Dr. Keith began working at what was then called Martin Family Chiropractic. He knew immediately this was his sweet spot. He finally was able to practice in a way congruent with his chiropractic philosophy: The body knows how to be healthy; it just needs to be able to work without interference. When he’s not seeing practice members, Dr. Keith enjoys golf, archery, football, basketball, softball, and field hockey with his two children.



You know Atlas, that Greek god who holds up the world? That’s Beth when it comes to Johnson City Family Chiropractic. She’s been working here since 2006 and was a patient for several years before that. Beth used to work in a medical office and got tired of seeing patients with long lists of medications continue to get sicker. One day Beth came in for an adjustment and realized she had to get out of that environment. A month later she started working here. “My first week in the office I knew I was home,” she says. Beth and her husband Father Philip have two lovely daughters and a handsome son who liven things up when they come to get adjusted. When Beth is not in the office she is helping out with parish life and the spiritual growth at St. Michael’s Orthodox Church in Scranton, PA.

Desk Staff

Welcome Katie!

Our front desk staff are friendly, inviting, and contribute to our office running smoothly. Whether you have a funny story to tell, pictures of the grandkids to share, an appointment to adjust or anything in between, theyre there to help!

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